Why limit the enjoyment of your landscape to the daylight hours? Crown's Landscaping can bring your landscape to life at night. We design to accentuate the landscape and architectural style of your home and to bring out the special beauty of the night garden. We illuminate the best features, leaving dark those you wish to conceal. Think of how stunning that Japanese maple would look 'up-lighted', or the subtle look of a stone walkway or stairway in soft light. Imagine grasses flooded from behind with light.

Outdoor lighting also has a practical side. It helps you see where you're walking at night. Landscape lighting adds safety and security, deterring and discouraging intruders by lightning the ground level clearly and eliminating shadows near the house.


Landscape lighting lighting increases the value of your home and compliments your landscaping investment. Outdoor lighting is practical and elegant: it allows you to enjoy more hours outside and creates an elegant atmosphere for entertaining. Outdoor lighting is energy efficient. Low voltage, 12-volt lighting systems are less expensive to install and maintain than other types of lighting, and they burn a fraction of the energy required by high voltage lighting systems, which typically operate at 120 volts. Crown's Landscaping's staff is experienced in outdoor and landscape lighting design and installation. It takes years of experience to understand how much light to place on a house and understand where the best focal points are for a given property.




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